About  Rolocaleira

Rolocaleira is a Portuguese manufacturing industry of Lacquered Aluminum Components. Founded in 1988, Rolocaleira started to manufacture galvanized sheet / zinc / stainless steel and copper gutters. In early 1994, Rolocaleira imported the first “Papo de Rola” 300 gutter roller machine, as well as lacquered aluminum coils and components in various colors.

Stainless steel and copper gutters are no longer manufactured manually and are now imported in stainless steel and copper coils for profiling on the machine. This results in gutters with eave length without attachments and without welds. In 1995 Rolocaleira imports the 380-gutter machine and the 300-round-gutter machine, as well as other machines for the manufacture of downspouts and gutter components. We have two models of lacquered aluminum gutters, profiled on site, suitable for the style of the house, building or pavilion. In Rolocaleira, to better serve the customer we also have several vehicles equipped with highly specialized personnel for the manufacture and installation of gutters and its respective components.