Why Choose Rolocaleira?


  • With three decades of experience and craftsmanship, Rolocaleira stands out at national level for the high quality and variety of components in lacquered aluminium. Over the years we have perfected the ability to integrate our professional techniques by offering the best solutions adapted to each project and each client.


  • Our specialty in installing gutters and downspouts on site translates into durability and resistance. The longevity of our products is shown by the 25-micron lacquer coating against UV radiation, corrosion and thermal shock. Our design without welds, fixings or joints, incorporates a solid and highly weather resistant system. The products manufactured and installed do not require any maintenance cost, thus also choosing an economical solution.


  • We use sustainable practices when installing lacquered aluminium products. Aluminium is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, with a recovery rate of 95%. We therefore appreciate customer satisfaction, their home and the home of all of us: The Planet Earth.

Choose Rolocaleira

  • We are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of gutters, downspouts and accessories, the sale of lacquered aluminium coils, machines for manufacturing gutters and elbows and bending machines. We have a wide variety of colours in lacquered aluminium to satisfy and aesthetically adapt to the needs of residential, commercial or industrial construction. Our service area focuses on the center of the country, including Ourém, Fátima, Tomar, Torres Novas, Leiria and surroundings. We also travel anywhere in mainland Portugal.